Antique Weapons (11th c. BC — 5th c. AD). From stone to gunpowder

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Автор : Nartsis Torbov

Издателство : TON

ISBN : 978-619-90622-1-0

Година : 2018

Корица : hard

Страници : 306

Език : english

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The book represents the collection of ancient weapons from the largest private collection of Ancient and Medieval weaponry and military equipment in Bulgaria (“Vatevi Collection“). The weapons originated mainly from the territories of the Ancient Thrace.


I. Double-edged iron swords with a straight blade (Early Iron Age 11th—6th c. BC)

II. Iron sword, daggers and knife (akinakes) (Iron Age 11th—1st c. BC)

III. Doble-edged iron swords with straight blade (Late Iron Age 5th—1st c. BC)

IV. Single-edged iron swords with curved blade (machairas) (Iron Age 11th—1st c. BC)

V. Single-edged iron swords (rhomphaea) (Late Iron Age 5th—1st c. BC)

VI. Doble-edged iron swords (Celtic type) (Late Iron Age 5th—1th c. BC)

VII. Doble-edged iron swords (Roman Empire 1st—5th c. AD)

VIII. Curved iron knives with a cutting edge on the inner side of the curve (machaira) (Late Iron Age 5th—1st c. BC)

IX. Iron knife (Celtic Type) (Late Iron Age 5th—1st c. BC)

X. Iron knifes (Roman Empire 1st—5th c. AD)

XI. Iron spearheads (Iron Age 11th—1st c. BC)

XII. Iron spearheads (Roman Empire 1st—5th c. AD)

XIII. Bronze arrowheads (Iron Age 11th—1st c. BC)

XIV. Lead missiles for slings (Late Iron Age 5th—1st c. BC)

XV. Iron flat axes (Early Iron Age 11th—6th c. BC)

XVI. Iron appliqué (umbo) of shield (Late Iron Age 5th—1st c. BC)

XVII. Brozne and iron appliqués (umbos) of shields (Roman Empire 1st—5th c. AD)

XVIII. Brozne and iron helmets (Iron Age 11th—1st c. BC)

XIX. Bronze face part of a helmet — mask and iron legionary helmets (Roman Empire 1st—5th c. AD)

XX. Bronze belt buckle and elements of a leather belt (Early Iron Age 11th—6th c. BC)

XXI. Bronze appliqué (Roman Empire 1st—5th c. AD)

XXII. Silver Thracian hoard