A Laboratory Guide to Human Physiology for Students in Medicine – part 1

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Автор : Елена Джамбазова и колектив

Издателство : УИ “ Св.Климент Охридски “

ISBN : 978-954-07-4303-5

Година : 2017

Корица : мека

Страници : 176

Език : английски

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A Laboratory Guide to Human Physiology is meant for second-year students of the masters’ program in Medicine. It includes subjects on the approved education program and a wide variety of exercises that support most areas covered in a human physiology course. In these manuals, an attempt has been made to acquaint the medical students with the experimental and clinical approach to the science of physiology. An attempt is made to give the student an insight into the examination of the more important cardiovascular system, respiratory system and neurophysiology and to enable him, for the practicals outlined, to grasp the clinical application of physiology. The laboratory experiences provided by this guide allow students to interact with the subject matter, with other students, and with the instructor on a personal, less formal way. Active participation is required to carry out the exercise procedures, collect data, and to complete the reports.