Clinical Pharmacology

40.00 лв.

Автор : Димитър Терзииванов , Иванка Атанасова

Издателство : УИ “ Св. Климент Охридски “

ISBN : 978-954-07-4310-3

Година : 2017

Корица : твърда

Страници : 390

Език : английски


Clinical pharmacology is a textbook addressed to medical students whose daily medical practice would involve the safe prescription of medicines to patients and the monitoring of their beneficial and adverse drug effects. The great challenge for university teaching and training in clinical pharmacology is to teach medical students the principles of safe and individualized, rational and competent drug prescription and the way to build a personal, balanced and critical approach to new drugs.
Doctors of all clinical specialties typically prescribe medication and apply treatment using the „standard patient“ approach, which has already been establish in practice and which in most cases is correct and easy to apply, but at the same time is too restrictive and may hide many risks, or may have no effect in certain patients and clinical situations. This results in a waste of resources, both human and socio-economic, for public health.