Early byzantine and medieval architectural sculpture in Sozopol

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Автор : Ива Досева

Издателство : Accent 96

ISBN : 978-954-90260-2-3

Година : 2012

Корица : мека

Страници : 193

Език : английски




I. A Review of the History of the Town

I.1. Dissemination of Christianity and Church Organization

II. Church Architecture

I.1. Churches and Monasteries Intra Muros

I.2. Churches and Monasteries Extra Muros

III. Monuments and Their Study

IV. On the Production of Architectural Details in the Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

IV.1. Late Antiquity

IV.2. Middle Ages

Analysis of Monuments

I. Capitals

I.1. Corinthian Capitals

I.1.1. Theodosian Capitals

I.1.2. Imposts. Ionic Imposts

I.1.3. Cubic Capitals

I.1.4. Capitals from Chancel Screens and Other Small Capitals

II. Column Bases

III. Column Safts, Piers, Pier-colonettes, Mullions

III.1. Column Shafts

III.2. Piers and Pier-colonettes

IV. Crowning Mouldings

IV.1. Crowning Mouldings

IV.2. Mullions and Reveals

IV.3. Door and Window Framings

IV.4. Crowning Elements

IV.5. Frames of Screen Panels

V. Ashlars

VI. Screen and Revetment Reliefs

VI.1. Screen and Revetment Reliefs

VI.2. Ambo Parapets

Geological Analysis (authors: Ph. Machev, S. Arkadakskiy)

I. Introduction and Methodology

I.1. Microscopic Investigations

I.1.1. Analysis

I.1.2. Summary

I.2. Isotopic Investigations


I. Tradition and Contacts

I.1. Early Byzantine Period

I.2. Medieval Period

II. Revision: Monuments and Ensambles. An Attempt for Dating

III. Continuity

Bibliography — Abbreviations