Markers of Military Mobility: Toward an Archaeology of the Sling in Ancient Thrace (5th c. BC – 4th c. AD)

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Автор : Емил Нанков
Издателство : Национален археологически институт с музей  – БАН
ISBN : 978-619-245-385-5
Година : 2023
Корица : твърда
Страници : 260
Език : английски
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Разкопки и проучвания кн.L
Маркери на военна мобилност : Към археологията на бойната прашка в Древна Тракия ( V в. пр. Хр. –  IV в. сл. Хр. )
The present study aims to produce an archaeology of the sling as a weapon in ancient Thrace on the basis of archaeological data for its ammunition.
Table of contents
Preface and acknowledgements
I. Introduction. Scope, aims and methods
II. Historiography and previous scholarship
1. Sources and current trends in the studies of Thracian warfare
2. The treatment of the sling as a weapon in the Bulgarian historiography
3. The treatment of the sling as a weapon in the international historiography
3.1. General overviews and thematic surveys
3.2. Ballistic studies of sling projectiles and experimental archaeology
3.3. Type of trauma and forensic anthropology
3.4. Lead isotope analyses of sling projectiles
4. From private to museum collection
5. Excavation data and archaeological context
5.1. Sieges
5.2. Sanctuaries
5.3. Necropoleis
5.4. Battlefields and military camps
III. The sling as a weapon
1. Description
2. Materials
3. Other sling types
4. Throwing techniques
5. Sling ammunition
5.1. Stone projectiles
5.2. Terracotta projectiles
5.3. Lead projectiles
6. Leather bags
7. Molds and manufacturing techniques of lead projectiles
8. Range, accuracy and damage potential
9. The effectiveness of the slinger in warfare
10. Ancient perceptions about slingers
IV. Sling projectiles from Thrace: Building up a database
1. Stone projectiles
2. Terracotta projectiles
3. Lead projectiles
4. Glandes plumbeae inscriptae in Bulgaria repertae (No.1—33)
V. Converging narratives
1. Towards a “molydenology” of the Macedonian and the Roman expansion in Thrace during the Late Classical and Hellenistic periods
2. Petty cash matters. Excavation lifetime bronzes of Philip II and Alexander III and the logistics of their armies in Thrace
2.1. Coin hoards vs. excavation coins: the case of inland Thrace
2.2. Coins of Philip II and Alexander III
2.3. Coins of Alexander III
3. Biting the bullet: The impact of sling projectiles on body armor from Classical and Hellenistic Thrace
3.1. Battle damage on helmets from Thrace
3.1.1. The Phrygian (Thracian) helmet from Sashova tumulus
3.1.2. The Chalcidian helmet from Dalakova tumulus
3.2. Technical considerations
3.3. Historical implications
VI. Concluding remarks and ways forward
Catalogue (text and plates)
List of ancient authors
Резюме на български език
Index of people named on lead projectiles
Index of symbols and monograms on lead projectiles and coins
Geographic index


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