Studia Praehistorica vol.15

20.00 лв.

Автор : сборник
Издателство : Национален археологичски институт с музей – БАН
ISSN : 02049880
Година : 2021
Корица : мека
Страници : 295
Език : английски
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The fifteenth volume of Studia Praehistorica celebrates new beginnings: d new editorial board, simultaneous print and online (open access) editions, new peer review procedures, major format changes, and last but not least, a firm resolution to publish subsequent volumes regularly, at the end of every year.

Most papers in this volume are based on presentations that were given at the international symposium Prehistoric Houses in the Balkans: Profane and Sacred Context (sixth to fifth millennium BC), 14th-17th May, 2015, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, organized by Professor Vassil Nikolov of the National Institute of Archaeology and Museum. The next issues will also have main themes but will include book reviews and debates on topical concerns, as well, and will cover the time span from the Paleolithic to the Early Iron Age in the Balkans and neighboring areas.



From the Editor

Life and death of a Neolithic house Vassil Nikolov

Houses of Northern Mesopotamia during the transition to the Neolithic: utilitarian and sacral contexts Tatiana Kornienko

Upscaling the Neolithic house. Trends in house size and function in Anatolia and the Balkans Maxime Brami

The missing things: post-destruction biographies of the ovens and mill installations in two Early Neolithic burnt houses at Slatina-Sofia Desislava Takorova

Bauten und Konstruktionstechniken in der friihneolithischen Siedlung von Kovacevo (SW-Bulgarien)

Marion Lichardus-Itten und Malgorzata Grgbska-Kulow

The profane and the sacred in an Early Neolithic house at the prehistoric settlement site of Balgarchevo, Blagoevgrad District, Bulgaria

Malgorzata Grgbska-Kulow and Iliya Kulov

Houses of the middle and late Neolithic Karanovo I—III and Karanovo III layers at Tell Kazanlak

Dessislava Andreeva
Interiors of Neolithic houses at Drenovac
Slavisa Peric and Olga Bajcev

To raise a tell and raise it well: some odd regularities of the early Chalcolithic construction techniques and the building strategies at Tell Petko Karavelovo
Alexander Chohadzhiev

New evidence on the Copper Age in the Yantra River Valley: the settlement site of Orlovets-Erendzhika
Stefan Chohadzhiev

The flint assemblage from Orlovets-Erendzhika
Maria Gurova

The life cycle of the houses in the final Late Copper Age horizon at Tell Yunatsite
Velichka Mazanova, Tatiana Mishina and Stoilka Terziyska-Ignatova

The Chalcolithic cemetery at Tell Yunatsite: problems of interpretation
Vera Balabina and Tatiana Mishina

Constructions and destructions: building practices at the final Chalcolithic hill settlement of Ilinden-Klissura in the Mesta River Valley
Nadezhda Todorova, Georgi Katsarov and Vanya Petrova

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