Swords in Byzantium

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Автор : Валери Йотов и колектив
Издателство : Славена
ISBN : 978-619-190-212-5
Година : 2022
Корица : твърда
Страници : 200
Език : английски


   This book is part one of the second volume from the series Studia Militaria Balcanica. It includes comprehensive texts on the theme Swords in Byzantium from the 6th century AD to 11th century. The book contains the following topics: history of research on the swords in Byzantium and study of the written sources on Byznatine swords written by Prof. Taxiarchis Kollias (University of Athens, Greece). There are presented some new types of swords discovered lately in the Byzantine Empire and its neighboring territories. They are defined and discussed by Prof.Valeri Yotov (Varna Museum of Archaeology, Bulgaria) and Prof. Christoph Eger (LVR-Römermuseum, Xanten, Germany).
T. Kolias. Cold weapons in Byzantium: Sword and knife
Z. Pinter, V. Yotov. The Byzantine spatha in the late 5th century and the 6th century AD in the Balkans
C. Eger. Swords with massive bronze guards of the Aradac-Kölked-Corinth type
V. Yotov. The Garabonc type at the Byzantine sword
N. Hrissimov, M. Petrov. Some more words about the Byzantine term παραμήριον
V. Yotov. The cold weapon from Čierny Brod
V. Yotov. The Kunágota sword-guard
V. Yotov. The find of Sfântu Gheorghe, Covasna County (1943): Questions, that might be raised


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