Tabula Imperii Romani: K 35/2, Philippopolis

282.40 лв.

Автор : Румен Иванов
Издателство : Тендрил
ISBN : 978-954-92809-1-3
Година : 2012
Корица : твърда
Страници : 608
Език : английски
Код: 978-954-92809-1-3 Категории: ,


    Tabula Imperii Romani, sheet K — 35/2 Philippopolis is the Bulgarian contribution to the European project for preparation of a map of the Roman Empire (composed of 56 sheets in scale 1:1 000 000). Sheet K — 35/2 Philippopolis comprises approximately 75000 sq. km оf the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, which is circa three-quarters of the country’s area.
    Under the guidance of Prof. Rumen Ivanov, a team of 50 scholars — archaeologists, historians, philologists, ethnologists and cartographers — describe more than 1600 modern settlements with more than 8000 Thracian, Hellenic, Roman and Late Antique sites. The chronological range is from the beginning of the 1st c. to the beginning of the 7th c. AD.
   The edition consists of a book plus DVD. The book comprises the articles in alphabetical order and the accompanying reference information in the form of supplements and indexes. The book’s companion DVD contains illustrations to the text — maps, graphics, and reconstructions of some of the archaeological sites presented in the articles.
List of contributors
Bulgarian systems of Romanization
Articles A—Z
Primary sources
List of sites by provinces
Geographical index
Subject index

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