Temnata Cavе. Excavations in Karlukovo Karts Area, Bulgaria

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Автор : Колектив
Издателство : Авалон
ISBN : 978-954-9704-25-9
Година : 2011
Корица : мека
Страници : 242
Език : английски
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The excavations conducted by the Bulgarian-Polish-French team in the Temnata Cave, in the karstic microregion near Karlukovo, northern Bulgaria, have revealed a unique geological and archaeological sequence. This sequence records palaeoclimatic and environmental evolution spanning over the period from the end of the Penultimate Glaciation to the Late Glacial.
The third volume of the monograph of the Temnata Cave contains analysis of 12 Middle Palaeolithic occupations from trenches TD-I and TD-V, taking into consideration the cave sediments, analysis of remains of fossil fauna, and of lithic assemblages. Two alternative hypotheses: long and short chronology of the Middle Palaeolithic sequence has been discussed in this volume.
List of Contributors
Stratigraphie des dépôts du Paléolithique moyen de la grotte Temnata
La faune des niveaux inférieurs de Temnata Dupka
Description of particular Middle Paleolithic levels
Comparison between archaeological levels
Geochronology of the Middle Paleolithic sequence — hypothesis I
Geochronology of the Middle Paleolithic Sequence — hypothesis II
Taxonony of assemblages from particular layers
Comparison with other Middle Paleolithic sites in South-East Europe

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